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  LTE-A (up to 50 Mbps)
Premium Capped 25 GB
Premium Capped 55 GB
Premium Capped 85 GB
Premium Capped 120 GB
Premium Capped 220 GB
Premium Capped 330 GB

For questions on additional products that may not be listed here, kindly contact our callcentre.

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More on EUROnet Mobile

EUROnet offers all the advantages of solid wireless connectivity paired with maximum flexibility and competitive rates. No need for fixed line installations, use EUROnet Wireless wherever you may be (simply take your router along), receive solid speeds of up to 50Mbps, which compares extremely well to most fixed or mobile products out there. EUROnet Wireless is based on the latest wireless broadband technology using radio spectrum for solid Internet access. Includes a stable WiFi hotspot that can connect multiple users simultaneously!

Simply choose your product, await delivery of your router a few days later, and off you go – Internet at its best! Simple to top up, no contracts, monthly cancellation possible.

We cover most urban areas, all major metros and many rural areas, and we recommend you have your personal coverage reviewed indvidually by EUROnet to make 100% sure there are no disappointments subsequent to your order.

Why EUROnet?

Our Group of Companies has come a long way since setting up operations in South Africa during the mid-1990’s. From servicing households all over South Africa with satellite television services transmitted from Europe, the Company Group added (overseas) telecommunication services to its portfolio to become one of the first competitors of Telkom in that area, and now EUROnet is fast becoming a preferred supplier amongst South African households in terms of high-quality Internet Services at competitive rates. We love to couple German servicing standards with local passion and innovation, and like our customers we’re definitely here to stay!

World-class connectivity

We constantly invest in supplying top-class services throughout South Africa, and we don’t take shortcuts in terms of undue shaping, compromising on quality-of-data or working with less than adequate network partners.

Additional EUROnet advantages:

  • We offer innovative and proven internet & telecommunication solutions throughout South Africa.
  • Confusion ends here! We offer selected products at very reasonable prices.
  • No queues or lack of accessibility! Speak to one of our qualified staff members and receive immediate attention.
  • Proven track record in terms of internet, telecommunication and television consumer services.
  • Quick and efficient installation, on-site technical support.
  • Upon request we’ll manage your DSL line, Telkom worries are over! All fibre lines also handled by us.
  • Contracts are a thing of the past, monthly cancellation possible. This keeps us attentive and service-driven!
  • Test selected products free of charge & avoid unpleasant surprises! Contact us for details.
  • 4 free email addresses – safe and secure Webmail, POP3 or IMAP with our free virus and spam filtering.
  • 'Email-4-Life' option, e.g. or
  • Multiple concurrent logins on capped DSL accounts – use your account from multiple locations at the same time.

Further Questions?

If you’re not sure which solution is right for you, or if you have any questions on installations & support, on email or any other settings etc, see our FAQ section or contact us directly – we’ll be glad to help!