FIBRE Internet: Capped & Uncapped

A fibre optic connection is the future of telecommunications

The data is not transmitted electronically but by laser light at the speed of light.

How do I get a fibre line?

Generally you will be aware of a fibre network in your area when the sidewalks outside your home have been dug up, fibre lines have been laid and a little box has been mounted outside on your wall. As soon as this has happened, please give us a call, we will then arrange all details and set up your connection. If you’re not sure whether fibre is available in your area, simply call or email us, we will gladly check on this and inform you asap. Both your fibre line and your supply of data are managed directly by EUROnet, therefore you will only have one convenient contact for your internet service from now on.

Note: If you opt for EUROnet Fibre, you have the option of saving substantial Telkom fees in the future such as monthly line rental and costs regarding your ADSL connection. Thus, your fibre connection may ultimately be similar in cost to existing ADSL plus Telkom charges.

Capped FIBRE Internet

For people who know what they want

Pay for quality with specified quantity

Uncapped FIBRE Internet

If you just can not get enough!

As much as you want, at a fixed price

World class backbone

Our world-class connectivity is provided by Internet Solutions (IS) one of the largest network infrastructures in Africa.

4 simultaneous connections
(only Capped accounts)

Use your account from multiple locations at the same time.

4 free e-mail addresses

Safe and secure Webmail, POP3 or IMAP with our free virus and spam filtering.

Speed & Low Latency

We strive to deliver the best local and international latencies – perfect for games and time-critical applications.

No contracts

Contracts are a thing of the past. All our packages can be cancelled monthly with a 1-month notice period.

You need more?

Do you want a faster line or do you need more data? An upgrade is easy and uncomplicated.

What is the right for me?

Capped vs Uncapped

A capped package gives you a set amount of GBs (gigs) per month, determined by the package you choose. If you use all your gigs within the month, then that's no problem: you can easily buy more GBs.

Uncapped means you have as much access to the Internet as you wish - subject to our transparent and fair AUP - Acceptable Use Policy. The advantage of an uncapped package is that you do not have to worry about your gigs coming to an end or that you incur additional costs.

The performance of capped and uncapped differs in a subtle way. Uncapped generally has a higher “contention ratio” than capped. This means that with uncapped internet in South Africa, more users share the same bandwidth.

The ultimate Capped guide

20 GB: Perfect for a single internet user to send and receive e-mails, read news, and browse social media.

100 GB: One of our most popular Capped package – perfect for multiple users to send and receive e-mails, browse articles and social media, view or upload photos for family and friends.

200 GB: Ideal for substantial internet use, including media streaming, gaming, VoIP calls and frequent downloads.

1000 GB: If you have many people who use the Internet, 1000 GB or more will ensure that no top-ups are required.

What line speed do I need?

2 Mbps – 8 Mbps: The same speeds you can get with ADSL, but significantly more reliable. These speeds are suitable for up to 3 simultaneous users and are ideal for online video, games, social media and online calls as well as fast downloads.

10 Mbps – 40 Mbps: You enjoy a blisteringly quick internet experience at these speeds. This is the perfect option for data intensive applications, streaming online videos in high definition and super fast downloads. Ideal for an online active family.

50 Mbps – 100 Mbps: If speed is important to you, why should you settle for something slower? Let everyone in your household or business experience the same speeds at the same time.