Frequently asked Questions

General Questions

This is the responsibility of our extremely helpful callcentre agents. Initially we will determine the relevant product, then we will clarify all technical details, and then we’ll follow through with connecting you to one of our high-quality services. Should you require a fibre router for instance, we will programme this on our side and send it to you, it can then be easily connected by yourself, or our technical support at home can also assist if required.

This is very much dependant on the required product. Should fibre cables already have been laid in your area, we can sort out your home connection and router programming very quickly. To be safe, please allow a timeframe of 2-3 weeks for the complete process. In terms of our ADSL products we would determine whether you have a Telkom line and whether the line is ADSL enabled, if so we can connect you pretty much immediately. Alternatively please see the following point should you require a Telkom ADSL-enabled line.

This part can be arranged pretty much immediately, you will only need to consider the duration of the communication of the details. Generally you will be looking at between 1 – 3 days.

A capped package gives you a set amount of GBs (gigs) per month, determined by the package you choose. If you use all your gigs within the month, then that's no problem: you can easily buy more GBs.

Uncapped means you have as much access to the Internet as you wish. The advantage of this is that you do not have to worry about your gigs coming to an end or that you might incur additional costs.

The performance of capped and uncapped connections differs in a subtle way. An uncapped connection generally has a higher “contention ratio” than the capped counterpart, which means that on South African uncapped networks more users share the same bandwidth.

The requirement for a EUROnet internet connection is that you have a Telkom ADSL-enabled line or a fibre network connection point at your home. The EUROnet supply of data can be cancelled with 1 month’s notice, it might however be complicated and time-consuming to get your ADSL or fibre network connection up and running again after that cancellation, therefore we do not recommend cancelling that part of the service.

Although line installations and router deliveries are regularly carried out without complications, technical uncertainties can occur. With us, you can immediately reach a competent call centre employee, who takes care of everything from the first to the last step! In addition, we partner with one of the leading technical support companies in South Africa, where all EUROnet customers receive an exclusive 10% discount. Whether from afar or at your home – we will help you in an effective and efficient way!

Upon request, EUROnet supplies you with your own personal domain name, e.g.

With the domain you will receive your own personal email addresses, e.g.,, etc.

These emails will stay with you for a lifetime, no matter which provider you should be with in future.

You can also choose a business domain with relevant email addresses, e.g.

All this for only R10 per month, no additional costs! You can always create a website for your domain as well!

Questions about Fibre

Generally you will be aware of this when the sidewalks outside your home have been dug up, fibre lines have been laid and a little box has been mounted outside on your wall. As soon as this has happened, please give us a call, we will then arrange all details and set up your connection. If you’re not sure whether fibre is available in your area, simply call or email us, we will gladly check on this and inform you asap.

NO. Should a fibre network have been rolled out in your area, you will only need a fibre connection and fibre data supply, which are both provided by EUROnet. Any type of Voice over IP telephone call (i.e. Skype etc.) can be made through your fibre connection. For conventional Telkom phone calls you still require an analog Telkom line.

Questions about ADSL

The initial requirement here is always a conventional Telkom telephone line. This can be ordered by calling Telkom on 10219, or you can visit a Telkom shop in your area. As soon as the line is installed, we are able to get the ADSL service up and running, and we’re also able to manage the Telkom portion of the ADSL connection at no added cost – to spare you worries and confusion. If you take care of the complete Telkom application yourself, note that you need to indicate to Telkom that you have an internet service provider, and that you only need the ADSL-enabled telephone line from their side, not the actual provision of data.

Questions about Email

You can get your emails via POP3 or IMAP:

  • POP3 Server: (Port 110)
  • IMAP Server: (Port 143)

To retrieve emails in an encrypted format, please install the following certificate EURONET_CA.CRT and activate SSL/TLS.

Please use your full email address as user name.

To send emails, you can use the following SMTP server:

  • SMTP Server: (Port 25)

To send emails from a mobile device, you can use the following SMTP server:

  • SMTP Server: (Port 587)

To send emails in an encrypted format, please install the following certificate EURONET_CA.CRT and activate SSL/TLS.

Please use your full email address as user name.

Webmail allows you to access your email account from anywhere in the world. You only need a computer with Internet access. This may e.g. be useful when you are on the road and want to receive or send emails without having to set up an email account. Just go to the nearest Internet cafe, or sit by the computer with an acquaintance, and you already have access to your emails. That way you are flexible and not tied to a particular computer.

Webmail also gives you an overview of your emails in your account, without having to download these emails in a costly and time-consuming manner. You can e.g. select and delete unwanted spam or giant emails that block downloading your emails, before you download the emails you want. This can save considerable time and nerves.

You can log in here -

Please use your full email address as user name.